• PENTHAUS bookshelf

    is a piece of furniture designed to celebrate the book. It stands on two delicate legs and refers to the wall behind it. Two parts, realized in two differentiating materials, are invisibly joined together, creating a weightless and sublime structure of a vertically orientated proportion. At the top end, the delicate wooden frame and the thin sheet steel define a sort of box that houses the books. An open shrine, where your books are kept, protected and at the same time put on display. MATERIALS oak or walnut, waxed sheet steel, powder coated DIMENSIONS W×H×D 20×133×14 cm DELIVERY TIME 3 weeks
  • A board to store books. But rather than lying horizontally to place the books on it, it is standing vertically and you put the books inside. PERSONA is a minimal object that spans the gamut from the rejecting inaccessability of a vault to the cheating coulisse of a cardboardy western-town facade. An intelligent and space saving piece of furniture with a strong sculptural appeal, mirroring the silhouette of the person that stands in front of it. It treads an all new path in how books are stored: they are standing on the edge. MATERIALS black MDF, oiled sheet steel, powder coated DIMENSIONS W×H×D 25×205×10 cm RETAIL PRICE INCL. VAT € 370,- DELIVERY TIME 3 weeks
  • WINTER bookshelf

    is an attempt to create a minimal structure to hold books. And to challenge the conventional notion of what a bookcase is. To hold a book you do not need to do more than to support the centre of gravity. When you incline the system, the stored books are taken into a stable equilibrium. By using the wall to place the books against, WINTER can do with very little built structure. The wall is integrated into the object without being part of it. You end up with an all new typology conveying a strong sculptural claim. I like to use the term „product architecture“ for my work. MATERIALS oak or walnut, waxed DIMENSIONS W×H×D 15×159×12 cm DELIVERY TIME 3 weeks
  • ITALIC bookshelf

    is a minimal and decidedly linear orientated, freely hovering bookshelf for paperbacks, medium size books, CDs and DVDs. The object seems to defy gravity and is perceived weightlessly floating in space. ITALIC has a minimal physical presence, but still delivers the complete set of practical functions that are asked from a bookshelf. MATERIALS oak or walnut, waxed DIMENSIONS W×H×D 100×17×13 cm DELIVERY TIME 3 weeks


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